Senior Driving

Here are just some of the services you can expect from us:

Placement Assistance

We’ll help you sort through the daunting number of options for residential care for an older adult who requires assistance with activities of daily living or medical care. Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Independent Living – which one is the best fit for your loved one? Your personal advisor will help you choose based on current and future care needs, budget, location, and what matters most to your family.

Eldercare Consulting

There are often many moving parts and often you, as a family caregiver and working person, are tasked with many decisions, every day. You can rely on your advisor to cut through the never-ending options, anecdotes, and advice. We’ll help you create a step-by-step plan to navigate the decisions you will face and help you access appropriate and vetted resources. Learn about community resources, set up in home care, have assistance with getting your loved one to medical appointments, evaluate your insurance, long distance caregiving issues, and more…

Beyond Driving with Dignity

A facilitated self -assessment program, developed to help bring a peaceful resolution to the complex and sensitive senior driving issue. This session offers relief to families as they face the challenging issue of an older loved one’s diminishing driving skills. We offer assistance and support to older drivers as they face the emotional issue of driving retirement. The fee for this program includes an intake call, the 2-3 hour “kitchen table” style gentle self-assessment session and a detailed, written summary report.

Your Dedicated Team

David Johnson

Owner, Senior Care Authority

David Johnson is the owner of Senior Care Authority – Gulf Coast Region. As the owner of SCA for South Alabama and North Florida for over five years, David recently moved to the Birmingham area and added Central Alabama to his service area. His background and experience in healthcare management for over 30 years positioned him perfectly for helping aging adults and their families.

Over the past five years he has assisted over 200 families discover the options that fit their needs to obtain the highest quality of live and to age with dignity. He combines his compassion for people and his knowledge and of all aspects of healthcare delivery to generate solutions for individuals.

Johnson states “My previous business and personal experiences with family members who were overwhelmed with emotions and the need to make crucial life-changing decisions without adequate information convinced me that I can and should serve my community in this capacity. The need to serve in this area is crucial and I am extremely honored to provide help and guidance to them.

Carol Singletary

Director of EASE Business Development

Carol has been in the business of helping people for her entire career. She was a young mother of four when she earned a master’s degree in Counseling and Psychology and LPC certification in 1995 and has pursued a career focused on empowering individuals and their employers as they endeavored to achieve a productive workplace and work-life balance. 

She has served in leadership roles across academic, governmental, and corporate settings, and in addition to earning a certification as Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), she also holds securities licenses, and is a licensed life and health insurance advisor. 

Today, her focus is on helping employers bring meaningful resources to their employees and their families who are facing the challenges of caregiving for an aging family member or loved one. She is (still) a mother to four strong and beautiful married daughters, a devoted CC to 8 very special grandchildren, and partner to Gary, with whom she shares sunsets in Birmingham, Alabama and Pensacola Beach, Florida. 

Donna Wegener

Area Manager

Donna Wegener is the Area Manager for Senior Care Authority in Fairhope, Alabama. She has a 25-year background as an occupational medicine department director and hospital-based medical sales representative.

During this career combined with older family members’ medical and living needs, she developed a passion for patient advocacy and the importance of socialization in aging adults. Donna became a client of Senior Care Authority and experienced firsthand the benefits of having an advisor to streamline the process and reduce the stress associated with such important decisions. She felt the ultimate decision was hers, and having an advocate and navigator on her side, gave her confidence in making the best decision for geography, needs and cost.

Donna is grateful and privileged to assist others in personalized senior placement.

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